SUMMARY: 62 affordable rent apartments for elderly residents with supporting facilities including a café, hair & beauty suites, incidental resident spaces throughout, a communal lounge and a central courtyard with winter garden (to combat loneliness and isolation of residents). The development provides new community facilities including a Nursery, GP surgery, Pharmacy and Community Centre and enhance/re-design the existing recreation ground.

Triangle were appointed to develop an existing proposal developed to RIBA Stage 2. We undertook a detailed review against planning comments/client brief and developed several iterations beyond the original design to produce a viable proposal.

The layout was based on the original Stage 2 design but amended to respond to the extreme changes in levels and follow the existing complex topography, whilst creating a development which adds quality to the streetscape and integrates with the existing fabric of the estate. Further the Masterplan has been developed to create a central square frontage the proposed Extra Care development which will provide a new local meeting space and focal point. The design development was driven by the 10 HAPPI principles and led to a proposal which provided a deliverable density and a positive living environment.


SERVICES: Triangle were appointed as Lead Designer from RIBA Stage 2 to project close on a D&B Contract and also carried out further RIBA Stage 2 Option Appraisals and Feasibility.


  • LOCATION: Lancashire