Triangle Architects is an award-winning RIBA Chartered Practice of Architects founded in 1986. We became Employee-Owned in 2019 following a transfer of ownership from the founding Directors, and the company shares are now held by ‘in trust’ by an independent body (Triangle Architects Employee Ownership Trust) rather than any individual or group. The purpose of the Trust is to ensure that the company is run for the benefit of our employees, with the overriding aim that we continue to attract the best architectural staff to make their careers with us, and share in our success now and into the future. Our objective has always been to achieve effective, successful and sustainable design solutions that enhance the lives of the people we serve. Central to achieving this ambition has been our commitment to creating a happy and fulfilling workplace for our staff. Being wholly owned by our staff ensures that it is in the mutual interest of everyone to work well together to create a successful company. Employee ownership reinforces Triangle Architects philosophy of collaboration and our desire that our workplace is a place where we can all feel happy, valued, supported and fulfilled. Our practice workload is primarily focussed around the housing and healthcare sectors but also includes urban regeneration, community and workplace projects. We have a long history of working with professional and established clients, but also of collaborating creatively with existing communities, stakeholders or other bespoke client groups, to achieve effective, successful and sustainable design solutions.


We are focused, professional and passionate about our work and meeting the real needs of our clients.

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